The management and staff of Aspeling Hanley and Associates understand the need to provide professional, proactive support and advice to our clients in a complex, and an ever expanding financial and fiscal environment. Our company, together with the support of the other divisions in the Aliwal Road Financial Services Group, believe that a win-win situation can only be achieved through developing and maintaining long-term relationships between ourselves and our clients.

The cost of employing full-time accounting staff for small to medium-sized businesses can be prohibitive. Our accounting and bookkeeping services division offers an ongoing, value for money financial administration service.

Our trained accounting and administrative staff have experience in supporting a wide range of business activity and are therefore able to efficiently and effectively attend to your specific needs. We are able to assist you in areas which vary from the very basic data capturing function up to and including the preparation of annual financial statements (with an audit where required).

We are also able to assist you with the design and implementation of a management information system to help you manage your business more effectively.


We are able to assist in the preparation of year end financial statements. Your bank, your creditors, your partners, your co members in your close Corporation and/or the shareholders of your company as well as South African Revenue Services are reluctant to engage with you in the absence of your being able to provide them with an accurate and up-to-date record of your recent business activity. This information is summarised in your financial statements.
As a business/owner manager you are responsible for making decisions in relation to the business which could have far-reaching implications. In order to make meaningful decisions you will need access to certain information. This information could include for example gross profit percentages, product contributions, cost behaviour and variance analysis — information which is not normally readily provided for by a standard accounting system. We are able to design a management accounting system (financial information system) designed specifically for you with all the information you need to successfully manage your business.
Small to medium-size companies often employ full-time or part-time bookkeepers, at great expense, to manage the bookkeeping function within the business. Our extremely efficient accounting practitioners and data capturers may be able to provide you with such a service at a substantially reduced cost (charged at an hourly rate).
Once we have captured all your transactions for the VAT period in question, our accounting software is able to print out a VAT report which accurately assesses the VAT due for the period in question. Provided the information is delivered timeously we take on the responsibility of ensuring that your VAT return is submitted on time. This avoids any unnecessary penalty and interest costs imposed by South African Revenue Services.
This service includes providing our clients with tax efficient salary packages designed for the specific needs of their employees. We are also able to assist our clients with payroll schedules toward the monthly payment of salaries and wages. We also assist with payments such as employees tax, medical aid contributions, pension fund contributions, unemployment insurance fund contributions etc.
Professionals in our firm, by virtue of their professional qualifications, their experience in industry and by providing instruction in taxation at post graduate level, make our firm ideally placed to assist clients in avoiding extremely costly business decisions – costly in terms of the potentially adverse taxation implications. Seek advice before you leap.
The process of continually having to seek finance in the day-to-day business process often results in a very cumbersome and expensive finance plan for your business. We know how to apply the principal of matching the source term of your finance with the life of the asset being financed. We are able to assist you in arriving at the best financing model for your business.
Submitting your annual tax return: the one annual event we love to hate and seem to manage to postpone. We will assist you by removing from you all the frustration that is synonymous with having to complete this increasingly more complex statutory requirement.
We assist clients in complying with the Companies Act and the Close Corporations Act that require that certain registration procedures be followed upon the registration of any new company or close corporation.
We are able to manage all the administration, accounting and tax implications relating to family trusts, investment trusts, testamentary trusts, inter vivos trusts and special-purpose trusts.
Annual company returns are required to be completed and submitted to C.I.P.C. Minutes of directors meetings need to be maintained and the necessary resolutions passed in circumstances where legislation requires it. The statutory requirements of managing any business has become more detailed and more complex. We are able to assist you in all of these matters.
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