Aliwal Road Investment Consultants CC is the financial planning division of the Aliwal Road Group. We are a licensed financial service provider and regulated by the FAIS Act. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive financial planning service to individuals and their related business entities. We do this using a holistic approach, which includes assessing the impact of tax and estate duty on their financial affairs. We are an independent financial planning company with no contractual obligation to support any one particular product provider. Our aim is always to find the best solution from a wide range of companies, to meet our client’s financial needs. We pride ourselves on being able to offer sound financial advice based on common sense and a long-term investment outlook.


We aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive financial plan by following a six-step process. This process firstly establishes and defines our professional relationship. Once this has been completed the next step is to gather data regarding the client’s financial situation and establish what their financial goals are. We then go on to analyse and evaluate the client’s current financial situation and determine what they must do to meet their goals. Based on this we then go on to the fourth step, which is to offer our financial planning recommendations that address their goals. Our next step is to agree on how these recommendations will be implemented. Finally we monitor the progress of our recommendations towards the goals set with the client.
We strongly believe in giving well-considered and prudent investment advice. Our investment board meet on a regular basis to establish parameters for all our investments. We only recommend products that are registered with the Financial Services Board and are never lured by the promise of excessive returns. Our philosophy is based on the premise that a well diversified portfolio allocated across the major asset classes available, will in the long term provide our clients with an inflation beating return within their risk parameters. We strongly believe that it is important to deal with asset managers who have a long-term record of success and are transparent in their investment process. The majority of our investments utilise unit trust funds although we do have a number of clients with share portfolios, the management of which we outsource. In addition we have access to a number of structured and guaranteed products, which are appropriate for certain clients.
This is really part of the financial planning process outlined above, but it is so important it needs to be highlighted. Our clients are advised on the amounts they need to save for retirement and the products that can be used for this. Once retirement age is reached input is provided as to how an income can be generated from the retirement capital built up to ensure it meets the clients needs for the full duration of retirement. Ensuring your capital is adequate to meet your retirement need has become more difficult as current savings habits are generally poor and life expectancies have increased for most of our clients.
We are able to offer our clients excellent advice on life and disability insurance plus income protection. In addition being independent financial advisors, we can source cover from a number of different life insurance companies and thereby obtain cost effective cover that meets your specific needs. These areas of insurance are critical to ensure you avoid placing unnecessary financial burdens on your dependents.

We are also licensed as PPS (Professional Provident Society) advisers and can advise graduates and existing PPS members how this can meet their insurance and income protection needs. PPS constantly improves their product offering, so regular updates of client’s PPS portfolio is neccessary to maximise benefits.

In small to medium sized businesses, the owners involved often overlook business assurance. Should something happen to one of the owners this can lead to financial complications for both the remaining owner/s and the owner (or his estate) leaving the business. By sourcing key-man insurance or insurance to accommodate being able to buy out a departing owner many of these complications can be avoided. Shareholders or partners agreements should also be drafted to cover these eventualities.
Advice is offered on medical aid options with Discovery Health, Profmed and Liberty Health. We have strategically partnered with these three providers as they adequately cover all options suitable to a client’s needs and medical care requirements.
Through an associated group of companies we are also able to offer our clients short term insurance.

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Richard Fincham, congratulations on saving your clients a total of R171 808. With your guidance, our clients received real benefits based on the products that you have recommended.

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