Hanley Hudson, the audit division of the Aliwal Road Group, can offer your company a cost effective and thorough audit giving you business assurance in a number of areas. Senior audit professionals, who establish professional yet friendly relationships with you, your company and its employees, perform the audits. Our audit staff assigned to your audit aim to offer you a continuous and consistent service.


We are able to assist you by completing your company’s annual audit. An audit in certain prescribed circumstances is required by the Companies Act. The audit process gives you the assurance that your financial statements fairly present your financial position and the results of your operations. In addition it adds credibility to the information provided by the financial statements and this can be of assistance when dealing with the South African Revenue Service, your bank and other stakeholders.
A forensic audit is usually carried out at the request of our clients who are concerned about a specific area of their business. They are often investigations into suspected fraud within a business or into compliance with specific agreements relating to, for example, franchising or licensing.
This form of reporting is usually required when clients wish to acquire a new business or company. We base the extent of our work on the client’s requirements and believe we can add considerable value to the client’s decision-making process.
Besides the Companies Act requirements, there are a number of other pieces of legislation that require auditors’ involvement. The major areas we are involved in are the audits of attorneys’ and estate agents’ trust accounts as required by the law societies and the Estate Agents Affairs Board respectively. In addition franchise and licensing agreements often require audit input, as do claims made in terms of the various incentives available to those in the manufacturing and tourism industry. The new legislation governing financial planning also requires financial planners to obtain audit reports in certain instances. These are all areas in which we can add value and meet your needs.
Hanley Hudson - Auditing